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But how, or why, would a cute young girl want me? Beautiful booty Thai babe bent over and fucked doggy style 10 min Thaigirlswild - Do you think I should try Thiafriendly? Her boobs were so nice big and beautiful 10 min Creampie In Asia - 2. So naturally less girls are going to be interested.

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Has anyone else had better luck on Thai Cupid? Thanks for your response Harvie. Is there one that might be better suited for those locations? Just be sure to change your location on your profile to Phuket or Samui when you get there, this will ensure you get matched to people near you. Thanks Harvie. Good advice again. Do you know if either site has a good phone app. I have an Android phone.

I met a girl at Thaifriendly and she says she lives 6 hrs away from Bangkok. I will be traveling to phuket and I asked he if she can come. She said she can come if you pay for the tickets etc. She wanted me to transfer money to her account. I said no and said I can reimburse if she comes. She said she will but you have to buy me air tickets etc.

I agreed. AnY advices? A one-way ticket is going to be around 1,b. Thanks Harvie, are there any other kind of scams that I need to be aware of. Also, she has mailed me her Id. Thailand has a bad rep for scams with girls, very few never heard of it in 5 years of living in Thailand will steal all your possessions from a hotel if you met them from online.

Now does she have a game to play? Who knows, maybe she is hoping for a small cash sump 1,,b at the end of the trip, maybe she just wants to see the beach and eat seafood with someone she finds attractive.

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The story you will have after meeting her will be awesome: They are just rolling the dice hoping to hit a 6. I would say all this fuss about having the white skin only to gain significant advantage on these dating websites is largely misleading.

How you behave, talk and treat a person defines you more than your skin color? These girls basically need a caring and understanding man. Most of them even avoid Westerners because of the ill-repute of them just looking for sex and being mongers. I have spent considerable time in Thailand and have dated and slept with numerous beautiful normal thai girls without any problem and having never to pay for sex.

Never encountered any problem, none of the girl ever rejected me because of skin color, nationality or any such issues. And I am just a average looking Indian guy with brown skin, nothing really handsome about me. They were all very nice and loving and even spent their own money at times forcing me to not pay. I have had the same experience in Philippines and Indonesia where I live now.

This only works for a tourist centric location specific dating game where the thai girl is looking for some form of monetary gain or better life prospects. Just go out there and meet people and approach the girls in a nice and decent manner. Yes you wont be successful with every girl you try with but then so is the case with Westerners. Thailand is much more than the hooker friendly destination it has been portrayed as and most thai girls are not like what they get labelled as.

No matter, if you are Indian, South Asian, Arabic, African, Chinese or any other race including Westerners, just go out and treat people with respect and courtesy and you will receive the same in reciprocity including a huge number of lovely thai girls to spend time with. Thai Friendly sounds good but I was wondering if there are bad experiences with girls met online.

Like, is it safe to bring her to your apartment or I should book a hotel? Is it bad to invite directly a girl over without asking her to meet us somewhere else or without asking her out for dinner? To be safe just hide your stuff in the safe or somewhere. In all honestly, you get robbed by go-go girls not normal Thai girls.

Enjoyed reading all the questions and answers. It stopped all the whores and desperates and endeared me to the real cute non-english speaking chicks, most of which had never been corrupted by a farang BF or any farang for that matter. TF is amazing. Literally a thousand pleasant, extremely attractive, interested women… Many of which reach out to you!

This is going to sound like a paid advert for TF…. In what world does that happen? I am older and no social butterfly, but I do have social skills sufficient enough to behave. But how, or why, would a cute young girl want me? It happened. Work into it. If you have a genuine sense of interest, see beauty in everyone, are patient and empathetic you can begin to engage these women and get to know each other.

Yes, this is work and time. Very much time. But the reward is astounding and the anticipation made it all the better. I came to know the most beautiful and young woman less than half my age, a kindergarten teacher from the countryside. Anywhere else in the world, this young creature would be a model or draped on some rich dudes arm.

But my months-long courtship Line ID has resulted in a great friend, enduring memories and positively the best sex I have ever had with this petite little powerhouse. I paid for her flights and transfers. Far cheaper than these bar-finds incidentally. I am astounded by the genuine and sweet nature of the Thai women.

I suspected this from my lifelong attraction to them, but it is confirmed. I will return to see this gorgeous girl. I go to Pattaya. Getting laid is no prob. I end up with bar girls. My age is in the sixtys. Have been told i look a lot younger Looks are ok. Do you think I should try Thiafriendly? Any words that could help me find the nice girl.

How many photos do you think I should putt up. Dressed any special way. I mean cloths. Jeans ,suite. Beach ware. You should be golden. Read my post above. Try somewhere else other than Pattaya as well. Or all of the above.. Call me naiive but it still astounds me that so many assume all these TF girls are all the same as those skanks that line Walking street or Cowboy, or all Thai girls for that matter.

True indeed. Not everyone will want that or understand it, which is fine. It is what I want. So I view it not so much patience as an investment. I went for 8 days and was floored by the astounding time. Oh, by the way… pony up for the premium websites guys. Its a measly 30 bucks, as much as a bar fine for crying out loud. Like how long should I stay in Thailand and date them, and what would my chances be of them coming back to the US with me after only spending 1 or 2 weeks over there?

So how many trips would I have to make, and how long would the trips be? Assuming I only pay for the flight, hotels, dinner, gifts, and other necessities, while avoiding the partying and wasting money that way. You can bring a girl back with you after just a few weeks, but the girl who does that is not a girl you want a long-term relationship with. Agree, 19 a little young to settle down with as Asian from overseas.

Thai girls are extremly busy! They work from dawn till dusk 6 days a week which leaves very little space to meet them. Guys how you do it? Supposing I want to meet two or three girls in a week. I also noticed that large number of girls lives in Sukhumvit area BKK Does it mean that they are all bar girls?

Supposing you met a several girls to determine which one is for you. Most work 6 days per week and have 1 day off. Just because a girl lives near Sukhumvit does not mean she is a bargirl, there are very cheap condos in Soi 22 that many stay in. Others will look deep in the sois and share a room between of them.

Thanks Harvie for this great post. I am not a paid member on Thai friendly only because I am worried about potential misuse of credit card. From your experience, is this site trustworthy? Thanks mate. Hey Danny, yes you can quit with no issues. The website is actually owned by a westerner so you should have no problems talking to support.

Thai Friendly is one of the most trusted if not the most dating sites in Thailand. Guys, how many times did you manage to sleep with a girl on the first date? Even a few days is enough if you plan correctly. We did kiss a while and eventually it was a really pleasant time we had wining and dining and talking a lot.

The second night was the best night I ever had, it really was worth waiting 24 hours. Mind you, I always make them feel comfortable and relax. No demands or bad comments, just simply getting to know each other over dinner. Take your time, you will be rewarded.

I hope this helps. New to TF. Not much luck I feel. Not an Olgre. Is it the age thing? Recently retired. Still physically able to do everything, just a little slower. D are online. But their so damn cute. Thanks for your website. Are you a premium member? How do your pictures look? Hi David, I know what you mean my friend, it takes me all night to do what I used to do all night haha.

Most people in SE Asia only make a few hundred bucks a month so when they meet anyone who makes 10xx how much they do it would be the same thing in Any other country. Latin countries and Asian countries are the easiest. I am new to all this just getting as much knowledge as possible ,so any help will be good going to join tf soon also going to Thailand but not shore we to go and where to stay I am 55 so any help like I say would be great thanks guys.

Just be friendly, upload your best pictures and read everything listed on this page and you will be golden. A question on the girls to approach. And if you did approach them, did you get to score, or have to approach them differently? I would not look into what they say too much. They say this so you think they are good girl, some mean it but for the most part they are hollow statements.

After we had chatted together for some weeks and I jokingly said if we get married where would she want to live Thailand or Spain, where I live, she said oh no not want to get married just want to be together. Which suites me by the way. Thanks for the tips! Maybe a stupid question but what is good to wear in Bangkok for a date?

T-shirt and chinos. Just avoid vests, shorts, and sandals. If she is not a hooket, then the best cloths you own. Anything less, and you disrespect her. She wants to look good in public. Hey Harvey Been reading your page and love it. I have a question. I am going on holiday with the family to Vietnam in April The wife suggested I go a week early and have some time to myself she ok with hookers.

Or am I better off just going to BKK and stacking up the girls? Cheers Mike. Bangkok if you just want to have sex. Girls off Thai Friendly are super easy to meet and they speak better English. If you want to do hookers, then massages are 10x easier to find in Bangkok than HCM. I am ok with working a dating site but want to mix in some paid girls as well.

How much is reasonable per hour for top shelf? In Sukhumvit prices start from , girls are not as hot in my view but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Much easier to find messages in Bangkok than HCM because they are much more open and in easy to get to locations. Read my Soapy or Happy ending articles to learn more:.

I hate to disagree. I have never paid more than baht, ever. Not in bkk, Pattaya or Huahin. There are always less famous high Street bars and massage parlours offering good prices with lower bar fines or non if you just meet up before or after work. The exclusive ones will be worn out starfishes with clown pockets.

So it depends on what the person is after or how much they are willing to negotiate. Hey Harvey Thanks for the tips. Got to say the girls on TF are hot as hell! Just wondering if I should ignore their age range as a normal approach? Aka are they all up to fuck a 44yr old lol And as long as I keep it chill and respectful should I ignore their comments about not wanting sex and expect a goo chance they will put out?

I would go clean shaven, Asia has a big thing about minimal facial hair. I always do better clean shaven than having a beard or stubble. Hi Harvie. Great tips. Most bar girls can write in English as they text guys a lot. Harvey, Great site, excellent questions and answers, very matter of fact, and to the point. Not a member, but certainly will give it a shot after reading all these posts.

Had significant investments in Bangkok in the past, and tried to interact with the Thai female community, but found the likely hood of getting something going with someone that could be a return on your investment, was very limited, owing largely to the perception of Westerners, as some of your contributors pointed out , which seems to be disadvantageous when looking for a relationship that could be mutually rewarding.

Thanks, Dick. I would not do it in public, just a hand wave is okay, even hugging them on the first date could be too much. Keep in mind that any public displays of affection could scare her on the first or second date. I would avoid. I got a video call where things got intimate. Do I take a big risk being scammed? But I fail! There is almost never any information about themselves on their profiles, and if I ask hobbies or jobs or interests I almost never get a straight answer.

They also never ask anything much back. What do you make of that? And if so, — do you negotiate that online or only after meeting? Thanks again! Some girls have limited English speaking, and are better at talking than writing so keep that in mind. So do you think on Thai Friendly most girls are on there for sexual relationships, or longer term?

Really hard to tell from their profiles. Met a girl on TF who was very forthright. Claimed she just broke up and wanted some distraction. Well that would not worry me at all, as long as it is just expenses while here, or does it all look too good to be true and like the beginning of a scam to you? You wrote a few times that you know of people who fly there girl friends in from somewhere, — so I guess this would be the same if I bought the tickets.

Is the trick to buy the ticket yourself and not to transfer money read that this is a common scam? Thanks for advise! Hey Bron, yes that is normal. So coming to Bangkok for days is nothing something they can do because they have no money to do so. She just wants to make it clear to you that she has no money and if she comes to see you, you need to take care of her.

Actually, this one does actually seem to turn out a scam, sigh….: Thai Friendly is fantastic. Chatted with many girls before meeting three in person. Corresponded via Line for a few months first. The company and sex was great. Still in contact with one of them.

She owns a bar in Phuket and spent 10 days with her. It is all that it is cracked up to be. Have a good one, AussieLee. I have very good experience with TF. Apart from the freelancers who are a pain the average Thai girl is very polite warm and friendly. They have a lot less taboos than Western women and are extremely hygienic.

They proper look after themselves and their guy. The two things that bother me a little. They are very suspicious and constantly call, check and question all actions. We think we are smart but they master the game. They have 10 times more men lined up than we have Thai women lined up. Luckily I have never felt I need to marry a certain girl.

Kudos to TF. Harvey, best blog I have seen in a long time. Hi Harvie, thanks for your very helpful informations on this site. The user comments are also very helpful. Keep on going. Hey Harvey, first very good blog and facts. But I am in trouble with Thaifriendly… I open an account load a nice foto up smiling face, shaved… the best I can do, a good white shirt etc.

I send interest to girls I like… some of them look at my profile.. In one week I get 3 girls who are mark me for interest… but if I wrote to them I got no answer. I am not sure…I think I doing something wrong or I am really ugly in Thai girls view. Can you or someone give me some advice… Thanks Denny. And thanks for the tip. I have one last question… I have very thin head hair, so I always shave them to 2mm all over.

Does Thai Girls like such short hair respectively bald heads? What is your experience or experience of your friends? Thanks in advance Denny. I am very surprised by your comment about bald guys. I have read all the comments on this article and you have been really helpful up to this comment. I shave my head and I have no trouble getting women in the USA and definitely no trouble getting women in Thailand.

So, my advice to Denny is that he should shave his head slick and there will be more beautiful Thai women than he can handle that are interested in him. So naturally less girls are going to be interested. It was going so well until the bold guy comment! But i know what you mean! Great blog, keep up the good work Harvie. Met a great woman on TF. Been on many other sites and this one has never asked me for anything like money, gifts etc… We met when I was on holidays last October and things could not have gone better.

Only thing she asked was if I could come back again soon. Really happy with TF over all of the other sites who are mainly after your cash. Best to join weeks before hand. Some girls will happily talk to you till April but if they find a guy during that time they will stop talking. If you just want to make friends and they want to work on their English then they will keep talking to you.

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How do your pictures look? Maybe a stupid question but what is good to wear in Bangkok for a date? Met a girl on TF who was very forthright. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Farang Frank.


  • Thanks Harvie.
  • But I am in trouble with Thaifriendly… I open an account load a nice foto up smiling face, shaved… the best I can do, a good white shirt etc.
  • Wild hardcore blonde college cum shot
  • Only bargirls and prostitutes are attracted to them!
  • Ragu 8 April, Reply.
  • Literally a thousand pleasant, extremely attractive, interested women… Many of which reach out to you!
  • But in Thailand they use a totally different system for what they find attractive.
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  • love thai blackmail beautiful girls yeah. Hit up
  • I hope this helps.
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