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Traditional Leather Snowshoe Bindings and Harnesses

All our snowshoes come complete with great ALL LEATHER binding / harness.    Shipping time is 10 to 12 business days and is delivered via ground courier.  We do not have online ordering as we would like to speak to you about your purchase.

Call us today at (705) 753-2387 (9-5 Eastern Standard Time). 


These are the standard bindings that we supply with all our full grain snowshoes.
These are all-leather bindings riveted together for extra strength.  When Installed properly they will last for years.

Sorry, Bindings are only available with the purchase of a pair of snowshoes.

Snowshoe Harness  Snowshoe Harness

Snowshoe Harness Snowshoe Harness Snowshoe Harness

Installation Instructions below 

Sport Binding Instructions 

Click on the image to enlarge or you can download the PDF here 



Traditional Style

Modified Bear Paw


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