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Video Games: Although the specific criteria for becoming a member of the franchise is vague for the most part, most often there are "unofficial" Disney Princesses who do not join the line-up for different reasons. In addition, the franchise includes dolls, miniature castles, and other toys. This led to bitterness between herself and her arrogant guide, Clayton , who continuously doubted Jane's capabilities. The Disney Princesses are featured in various sing-a-long video series released through the Walt Disney Company. The Last Rainforest.

Jane Porter

On the other hand, Mulan , a Disney heroine who is not a princess by an means, was added to the roster because she saved an entire nation and is looked upon and regarded with very high status and appreciation. She also fits into the "mythology" aspect of the franchise. Merida Brave: Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save. Adriana Caselotti. Paige O'Hara. As she chases the baboon, she is unaware that Tarzan is following her quietly. The baboon finds his own picture and refuses to give it back. Jane finally manages to steal it back, making the baby baboon cry. Jane turns around and sees the baby's angry baboon family and they begin to chase her.

As Jane runs, she is grabbed by Tarzan and swung up in the air. One of the baboons holds onto her foot, but she manages to kick it off, losing her boot in the process. Finally, after falling through vines, Jane and Tarzan finally land in a tree where the baby and another baboon float down to them. Tarzan speaks to them in monkey talk and takes the picture from Jane and gives it to them, much to Jane's surprise.

Tarzan is fascinated by Jane, as he has never seen another human like himself before. Tarzan tells her his name but it takes a bit for Jane to teach him her name. They then hear a gunshot in the distance, fired by Clayton, so Jane asks Tarzan to take her to her camp.

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Tarzan does so, repeating the gunshot thinking that's what Clayton is. Jane becoming one with the jungle and Tarzan, during " Strangers Like Me ".

When they arrive at the camp, Jane sees Tarzan's gorilla friends, but Kerchak and Kala show up and escort Tarzan away. Soon after, Professor Porter and Clayton, who had been looking for Jane, arrive. Jane tells them about seeing gorillas as well as Tarzan the Ape Man rescuing her from the baboons. The next day, Jane draws a picture of Tarzan on the blackboard, while telling her father they can learn things from Tarzan about gorillas and that they should find him.

Her description of him makes it seem like she is fascinated by him, as well as what he could tell them about gorillas. However, Clayton does not believe Jane until Tarzan suddenly arrives. Clayton tries to show Tarzan what a gorilla is by drawing one on the blackboard, but Tarzan does not understand so Jane decides to teach him about human life Strangers Like Me.

Jane, along with her father, teaches Tarzan how to speak English, as well as about human culture. Meanwhile, Tarzan begins to fall in love with Jane and she with him. Soon, a ship arrives to take Jane and her father back to London, and Jane asks Tarzan to come with her to London. In return, Tarzan asks her to stay in Africa with her, but she refuses and runs away crying.

Taking advantage of the situation, Clayton tells Tarzan that if Tarzan shows them the gorillas, Jane will stay with him in Africa. Tarzan also teaches Jane how to speak gorilla. Tarzan manages to hold him off while Jane, Porter, and Clayton run away to safety. The incident leads Tarzan to agree to go to London with Jane and her father.

The next day, Jane prepares to head back to London now accompanied by Tarzan, dressed in a suit that belonged to his deceased father. Before they get on Jane tells Tarzan that he will see the world. Kings and scientists and famous writers will want to meet him, but Tarzan is happy just to be with Jane, but when Jane and Tarzan climb aboard the ship, they are taken in by the ship's crew.

Clayton reveals that he tricked Tarzan into telling him where the gorillas are in order to capture them, take them to London, and sell them for money. While trapped in the cargo holder Jane apologizes to Tarzan for what happened, but the group is soon rescued by Terk and Tantor. While Tarzan swings in the vines, Jane and her father ride on Tantor, return to the Gorillas' nests, and save them from the crew.

Kerchak steps in the way and takes the second bullet. Clayton goes after Tarzan next, Jane tries to stop Clayton, but he knocks her out. Tarzan fights off Clayton and defeats the evil hunter, who accidentally hangs himself as a result of a vine snapping his neck. Jane and her father watch sadly as Kerchak makes Tarzan the new ape leader before dying.

The next day Jane tells Tarzan goodbye and gets into the rowboat with her father. As they're being rowed out, Porter tells Jane that she should stay with the man that she deeply cares for and loves. Encouraged, Jane jumps out of the rowboat, and returns to shore, followed by her father.

Jane, in gorilla talk, says that she will stay in Africa with them. In the ending, Tarzan and Jane swing and surf through the trees, now ruling as the king and queen of the jungle. Jane in The Legend of Tarzan. The young couple, along with Jane's father, live in the treehouse that had been built by Tarzan's late human parents.

She considers a party but then remembers a disaster that happened earlier, when her friends visited the island. Her next idea is jewelry, but she then remembers that some diamond prospectors had once tried to take advantage of Tarzan. Her final idea is a night of dancing, but this leads to a memory of a young man named Bobby, one of her childhood friends.

He had come to the island earlier but was revealed to be a German spy during World War I. Disappointed that none of her ideas work, Jane goes home, where she finds that Tarzan has planned a surprise for her. Throughout the series, Jane is shown to have adjusted quite well to her new life in the jungle with Tarzan but sometimes begins to miss her old life and England.

As a result, she would try to get Tarzan to act more "civilized", which sometimes poses a problem to Tarzan's morals. Her appearance and human actions often cause some members of Tarzan's Gorilla Troop to both have doubts about her and question Tarzan's "leadership". She is usually the Damsel in Distress of the series, often being kidnapped or held hostage by antagonists so Tarzan can come rescue her.

Jane appears in Deep Jungle world in Kingdom Hearts. She is on an expedition into the jungle in search of gorillas with hunter Clayton. Like in the film, she befriends Tarzan and his gorilla family and protects them from Clayton and the Heartless. Jane meets Sora when Tarzan arrives at the camp with him and is astonished to see he speaks English.

Jane and the others are not pleased with Clayton when he tries to shoot a gorilla. Jane is later captured by the Heartless and held hostage at the treehouse while Clayton goes to shoot the gorillas. She is freed and later accompanies Sora, Tarzan, Donald , and Goofy to the Cavern of Hearts, deep within the waterfalls, where Sora seals the world's Keyhole. Jane figures out Tarzan's continuous ape sounds mean "Heart".

What becomes of her and Tarzan after the departure of Sora is unknown but it could be said that their lives became like that of The Legend of Tarzan , despite the fact that Porter and Tantor are absent. Ever since Kingdom Hearts, no one from Tarzan's world is ever mentioned or seen from again, due to licensing and copyright disputes between the Disney corporation and Burroughs legacy.

Jane made regular meet-and-greet appearances in the Disney theme parks around the time of the film's initial release, dressed in her full, yellow exploration garb.

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Jane and the Boys throw Hook's treasure overboard, inciting the pirates to jump in after it. What became of Jane's mother is unknown, though Archimedes briefly mentioned that their daughter takes after her, quite a bit. Plot Elements: She arrives after Clayton is killed to comfort Tarzan as they go to a dying Kerchak. Zara is a Swedish girl who a prince admits she is a lost princess since the death of her parents, Charles found Zara then later they deal with two villians who try to destroy their empire and Zara deals with her three weapons to prevent it from happening. Jane and Tarzan share a goodbye as she gets on a rowboat to get on the ship back to England, as he decided to stay with the gorillas, being the leader now. Retrieved from " https: Clayton gets it back and knocks her out by striking her with the butt of the rifle.

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  • Princesses Official Disney Princesses:
  • Tarzan manages to hold him off while Jane, Porter, and Clayton run away to safety.
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  • Emily is the princess of Multiple Flag Island, who is the father of a king Phillip who have abdicated from his throne 5 years after the death of her mother.
  • Mulan is to date the only Disney Princess who does not hold the title of Princess in one form or another.
  • Other Disney characters have guest starred alongside the twelve above princesses in various Disney Princess products.
  • They are also known for their inner and outer beauty, as well as having beautiful singing voices the exception to this is Merida , who only sings a song with her mother when she is little.
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  • Though she primarily works from a reference, her sketch of Tarzan was done solely on memory, further exemplifying her talent.
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