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For the space-bound adventure, she was mostly in yellow shirt and grey jumpsuit but made it look quite attractive with getting dirty in several battles. The Right One! The original Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson used her real gymnastics experience for the part of Kimberly, always ready with a quip, loving shopping and nice clothes and clearly having the time of her life in the part. Cassidy was more a bitchy blonde high schooler, out to become a reporter and not caring who she stepped on to get that way. Windy City Titties: Indeed, to reward fans in for helping in a fundraiser, she performed in a Pink Ranger outfit and it fit perfectly, proof Johnson remains so beloved for so many of the franchise.

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Devine is on the unique list of ladies to star in two different Rangers series. First was playing Marah on Ninja Storm , dressed in a bizarre costume with what looked like a double beehive on her head. She and her sister, Kapri, were the nieces of villain Lothor who were shown as a pair of idiots who were a disgrace to evil.

But they handled themselves well in fights and eventually revealed to be much smarter than they seemed, ending up training with the good guys. The producers liked Devine so much that they brought her onto Dino Thunder as Cassidy, the local queen bee of the high school who was a reporter often causing some messes with her stories.

A classic scene during a team-up of the instalments had Marah and Cassidy passing by each other and each remarking on how she was more attractive. Today, Devine is retired from acting, running a pub in Canada. However, this pic showcases how amazingly sexy she is in underwear and that no matter what role she played, Devine was a notable face for the franchise.

Hutchison got her start early starring in the New Zealand soap Shortland Street to show her talent off. A fun gal with a good humor, she could get surprisingly hot like when a spell turns her into a rough biker chick. With that show ending, Hutchison stayed busy with the popular New Zealand dramedy Go Girls to show her style off more.

Hutchison then starred in the hit horror movie send-up Cabin in the Woods that included a topless scene. The ocean setting helps show her off more with her lush hair and nice eyes. Clothed or bare, Hutchison is a serious looker and roaring in her hot side majorly. Like others on this list, Lahana was born and raised in New Zealand when the Rangers franchise moved there for several years.

Lahana even wrote and sang her own songs for the series to show her talents off while engaging in a fun season. She also had a recurring role on the supernatural show Haven and continues to work music and acting today. As a former model, Cahill already had the great looks to stand out as a Ranger.

Yet her performance as Jen in Time Force was notable in how all-business she was. The rare time a female was team leader, Jen was tough and trying to be all business but her teammates helped her realize how good it was to cut loose a bit. A great scene was a team-up with Wild Force where Jen wore a mid-riff baring leather outfit.

Cahill is also quite busy with charity work, enjoying promoting schools in distant countries and will be soon seen in The Order , an independent action movie starring numerous former Rangers actors.

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This great shot showcases how hot she looks in black, to showcase one of the best Pink Rangers ever.

The Australian-born actress broke out starring on the long-running Aussie soap Neighbours and showing her nice talent off. She was cast on RPM as Tenaya 7, the cyborg agent for the major villain of the series. There was a twist in that Tenaya was actually human and soon fighting to help the Rangers defeat her former master.

Kane has been busy since such as starring on the MTV series Teen Wolf and some low budget horror films. Most notably has been her starring role on the CW series Reign where she plays Mary Queen of Scots, looking gorgeous in classic 16 th century gowns. Kane is also popular on social media and enjoys being a geek girl once dressing up as Wonder Woman for a comic convention.

As RPM began, Summer was shown to be a tomboy gal who loved riding motorcycles and into action. So it was a surprise when flashbacks showed Summer had been a rich, spoiled brat more into shopping and parties than doing anything responsible. Having the world conquered by machines forced her to grow up fast and Rose McIver was fun showing off that nice drive that made the character stand out.

This photo shows more of McIver with this amazing dress, her light skin making her look unearthly in a way but still very sexy. Babes from Chicago 27 Minutes 25 Scenes. One Headlight Out: The Left One! The Right One! Erin Go Braless 29 Minutes 26 Scenes. Nude Year Challenge: The Best of the Kardashians 15 Minutes 19 Scenes. Skin's Top 10 Scenes of 0 Minutes 10 Scenes. Best Breasts of 1 Minutes 19 Scenes.

Best Butts of 0 Minutes 13 Scenes. Best Nude Debuts of 0 Minutes 21 Scenes. Besty Russell: Every Nude Scene 10 Minutes 11 Scenes. Women Disguised as Men 11 Minutes 15 Scenes. Skin About Mr. Skin Mr. Kane can currently be seen on the CW series Reign but most remember her better by her turn as one of the best of the series bad guys.

It matches her blonde hair and tough edge, not above punching a fellow Ranger out and assertive in the field. She has to learn to be a bit more understanding of her teammates and often tries to act the tomboy, not getting how hot she is but Alyson Kiperman kept you on your toes with her attitude and spirit to make this character popular despite her issues.

She could be rough but in terms of sexy attitude, Taylor truly soared over others. She can be annoying and occasionally selfish but giving her all in battle and standing tall among her teammates as Hyde continues to carry on the tradition of sexy Ranger ladies with pride. Two characters of two different series but linked as they were both played by Katrina Devine.

They looked unique with Marah showing off in fights and actually looking quite attractive as part of a scheme to trick the Rangers. Thus it made sense when it turned out the duo were faking their ditzy routine and were far smarter than it seemed. That backfired as their uncle turned on them so they ended up helping the Rangers in the end but their goofy humor still won fans over and when out of the crazy costume, more than appealing.

Devine impressed producers enough to bring her onto Dino Thunder. Cassidy was more a bitchy blonde high schooler, out to become a reporter and not caring who she stepped on to get that way. She was funny in that role too with good outfits and a nice episode that briefly turned her into a nerd. The first series in the franchise after its move to ABC, Ninja Storm focused on a trio of extreme athletes fighting evil as Rangers.

Tori was a surfer which means Sally Martin got plenty of opportunities to show off in bikinis and did it well. Her usual outfit was by no means bad either as she made the dark ninja robes look quite hot and her long blonde hair adding to her appeal. She would reprise the role in appearances on later series when turned evil, even enemy Rangers have to note how hot she is and showed off nicely to remind fans how surfer gals, even Power Rangers, are like no other.

Set on an outer space colony, most of the cast of this version went around in dark jumpsuits. The exception was Maya, a jungle girl played by Cerina Vincent who went about in a yellow dress and leather boots with a bare midriff. It was quite the sight and Vincent made it work wonderfully as an action girl who enjoyed getting dirty, her curly brown hair flowing as she swung on vines and fighting enemies and filling out her yellow suit quite nicely.

No wonder given her lovely air that makes her Ranger a standout. She first appeared as a pure-on villain, the main foe in the series In Space , clad in a dark silver armored suit with staff, her curly hair constantly changing in color. Thanks to Melody Perkins, the character soon caught on with her sometimes funny lines and still going at it with the Rangers.

She played majorly into the plotline as it turned out she was the long-lost sister of Ranger Andros and helped the Rangers, briefly turned into a wicked bad redhead but redeemed in the end. Viewers loved her so much that she was brought back in Lost Galaxy , ditching the old armor to become a bright blonde in a very fetching leather outfit to become a new Pink Ranger.

She remains among the most popular ever among the many past Rangers making a cameo in Mega Force and whether good or bad, a very sexy lady. Casting former model Erin Cahill is a surefire way to guarantee this was one of the most beautiful Pink Rangers ever. But Jen was also a first-rate warrior, a cop from the future and even in leather jacket and pink short skirt, she was a fantastic sight in combat, brown hair in a ponytail and working well in the too-rare case of a female being the team leader.

Even hotter was when she returned in a crossover with Wild Force , now clad in a stunning leather outfit with bare midriff and arms, that had her teammates wowed. Arguably the best warrior of any female Ranger, Cahill made Jen a gorgeous lady who took no crap and pushing the sexy boundaries of a kids show.

There was a twist in that Tenaya was actually human and soon fighting to help the Rangers defeat her former master. User Rating. Born in Canada, the lovely blonde had an early inclination to acting, working in various plays and shows. But she got through it and that determination nicely showcased the skills she brought to Emma, a great lady in a fight but better friend. Rising up, she throws off the robe to reveal a stunningly beautiful brunette in a green outfit that barely clings to her body, showing off plenty of leg and arms as she fights them off.

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Originally, Summer was a rich spoiled brat more interested in fine clothing and parties than anything else. McIver has since gone on to bigger fame for Masters of Sex and starring in the hit CW series iZombie but many still remember her for power rangers girls nude up to her name as a truly hot female Ranger to spark up this entry in the franchise. Skilled in marital arts, she handled the change well, she and Kimberly good friends and Ashley would improve mature threesome big tits her acting, showing a tougher side with some nice humor and attitude. Take footage from an old Japanese super-hero show filled with colorful costumes, zany-looking monsters, giant robots and cheap FX. Kim K. Women Disguised as Men 11 Minutes 15 Scenes.

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