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Have you set it to Push to Talk in the recording program too? Court documents said that buyers ordering from Simon had to follow strict instructions to hide the transactions by using bitcoin and other digital currencies that aren't tied to banks or governments. I'm currently using Plays. Log in or sign up in seconds. Aside from MSI afterburner.

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Bit late to this, but has anybody else had problems using Plays. It doesn't record any gameplay for me at all and I'd really like to save some stuff. Just downloaded the Forge client at your recommendation, but I'm having trouble using it with Overwatch.

I hit F6 after a match to open the highlights screen and couldn't interact with it in any way. Then after closing it, my mouse cursor was invisible until I quit the game. Any idea how to fix this? I'm playing in a borderless window but could probably just go fullscreen if necessary. Also, do you know where Forge saves its footage?

I assume its deleted after canceling a highlight anyway, but I'd still like to know. The F6 function can be buggy at the moment, they're working on it, I stick with marking bookmarks with F5 and highlighting after I finish playing. If you right click the Forge icon by your clock you'll see "My Videos" which will open the folder where your videos are stored.

There's a 10GB file cap after which it starts deleting the oldest videos and using the space for new ones. As long as video is still there usually a couple of days depending on how much you play , you can go back at any time and highlight from it using the Highlighter button in the client. If you'd like to join other users and the developers to chat, there's the Discord channel: Alright, sweet.

F5 seems to work just fine. My Forge name is Middy, but don't expect a lot, haha. Is the 10Gb file cap on the program and not on your computer itself? Like it deletes in the program but stays in your files. Here's what my folder looks like: You can see that it's just under 10GB in size. I have files going back to Saturday , but anything older than that has been automatically deleted.

Forge update just added letting you set the file save location yourself! So you can choose in the client settings where you want the videos to record to. Just downloaded forge and it is pretty easy to use.

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Saved a junkrat potg I was super proud of but suddenly realized i couldn't share or save in the base client! Oh cool!

Yea that Forge app is pretty cool. I never thought about being able to search by people's usernames. It can then upload to it's site, but it saves the file locally and you can easily upload that directly to YT. Do you have any helpful links or information on that? TBH, I was hoping for a good answer myself. I've been using Windows Movie Maker, but it's not officially supported on Windows Same here!

Movie Maker still seems to work okay, but I've had some issues with audio on a few clips out of sync or audio not working at all with it so I was trying Davinci Resolve. Unfortunately it's definitely not simple, and I'm having audio playback issues with it crackling , so I haven't even gotten into actual video editing yet. I found it while googling for the best way to crop stuff, it's pretty intuitive and does what it's supposed to, works great with Shadowplay.

I have used Forge for the past year throughout its beta and I love its simplicity and ease of use. It does have bugs F6 isn't really working right now , but the devs are active and responsive email or use the Discord channel. I only found out about Plays. It has a lot of features and seemed to run fine, but its interface is less than pleasing to interact with.

I'm also used to using the Forge client to do everything, but Plays. I already have too many tabs open, I don't want another one. I need to give her something very very easy to use. She doesnt have Windows 10 so that wont work. It has a built-in Reddit embed for posts. You can also paste the URL of the Plays. I'm sure they're researching it as it didn't used to use that much.

Hey, just wanted to say thank you so much! I grew up playing FPS on the computer counter-strike and I guess maybe my age is starting to show; I'm just way too lazy to dabble in this new technology. I didn't even know about ShadowPlay, but I decided to record my first Widowmaker video last night.

I'm pleased at the ease of use! Here are the results: Sorry for the late response That isn't even something I thought Handbrake could do? Since it's already an mp4 it takes just a few seconds to finish. Nice, I'd never messed with the Source settings before, I didn't realize you could change Chapters to Seconds to do that with.

I'll work on gathering together simple editing tips for a different post for sharing around release. For now, most people seem to use Gyfcat for sharing here which has clipping tools built-in. I was just thinking about streaming to save my gameplay. I wish I had already started recording my games as I had two amazing games back to back.

I think I'm gonna try OBS first to record but idk if it slows the game too much or not. My computer already sounds like a jet plane about to take off when playing overwatch with no other programs on. Hey, bit late here. Just downloaded forge and was messing with it How do you gif-ify video from it?

It seems like highlights don't get saved in your My Videos area, just the whole video so if you highlight then delete the original recording thing, all you seem to have left is the shared highlight, which only seems accessible via the forge. Do you use a different program like moviemaker to open the original video and trim from there?

I tried using the link I found that is shareable via forge's website, but it doesn't seem like gfycat accepts it unless I was just unlucky. Figuring out even how to actually share videos took me a bit since clicking share Honestly could use a few more options, but it doesn't seem to slow me down much yet though compared to like obs, though I might have had fucked settings on obs, heh.

I'll see in a few hours if it works with overwatch for me. Just saw there are options to save the video right clicking on it from forge. Maybe I'll experiment with that. You can make auto gifs from pictures in your camera roll, but they are organized seemingly at random so there is basically no way to find the pictures you want to turn into a gif.

The app is a mess. This app, honestly is great for making random memes. But great for other things too. My cousin suggested it, she knows I like memes. And first glance and I loved it! The searching comes up with millions of different subjects, from video games, school, movies and tv shows, almost anything.

Overall an amazing app. I love it! I use this app as much as is politely possible in worded conversation. This app is jam packed with a large variety of gifs and always updating content. The only thing I could wish for more of are movie and television gifs. Money laundering and criminal activity involving bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been a big concern for financial regulators.

I'm going to put my pension into bitcoin,' I would be very concerned, but we don't see that at the moment. The toolbar contains the following The AudioEye Help Desk to report accessibility and usability related issues. The Reader tool to customize the visual display of this site. The Voice beta tool to control and interact with this site using your voice.

The Player tool to listen to this site read aloud. Features Luxury Business Leaders. Continue Reading Below. Facebook bans ads for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Opens a New Window.

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The toolbar contains the following. He doesn t know. Then you upload that. I honestly hadn't heard of it.

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  1. It has a lot of features and seemed to run fine, but its interface is less than pleasing to interact with.
  2. F5 seems to work just fine.
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  4. Like it deletes in the program but stays in your files.
  5. Hey, bit late here.
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  8. Gfycat has the most feature-rich keyboard with emojis, GIFs and stickers.

Should be a nice upgrade. I grew up playing FPS on the computer counter-strike and I guess maybe my age is starting to show; I'm just way too lazy to dabble in this new technology. Rapper 50 Cent Opens a New Window. There will be a pop-up asking if this is a game, check the box. Languages English, French, Russian, Ukrainian. The searching comes up with millions of different subjects, from video games, school, movies and tv shows, almost anything.

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