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It helps explain why people flock to Monroe in droves to visit the Duck Commander store which, shockingly, does not sell firearms. During his journey, he befriends a young celestial wizard named Lucy Heartfilia and invites her to join Fairy Tail. October 19, It is thought that melanism may confer a selective advantage under certain conditions since it is more common in regions of dense forest, where light levels are lower. I did not answer her.

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Any minute now, he could divulge that he's Batman, and you wouldn't flinch -- the hype is that good. The one thing that can be confirmed is that he's a retired Cleveland teacher, who taught all across the district from '71 to ' At first blush, it seems to have all the ingredients: She and Dream, another BT model, have flown in to sign autographs and tantalize. He brags about hanging out at his horse ranch with Michael Jordan and Bill Cosby, she says, and told her he "regularly flies out to Vegas for pussy-eating contests.

Just as well, he adds, because that ain't the kind of thing you put on the mantel. Around 10 o'clock, comedian Mo' Payne warms the crowd of Mo' Payne's routine groans along predictably -- "Wheah all da' white people? Camilla, a customer-service rep in a tiny pink outfit, works the stage. Three late recruits -- White Diamond, Shalira, and Marcia -- stroll in, cool and disaffected.

The girls make their way into the audience, tossing their ample behinds hard to the side for the small but appreciative crowd. There are six cameras and two video recorders among the 15 spectators, recording every move. West, the only judge, looks down at his tally sheets pensively.

The guys cheer as the girls line up across the stage and prepare for a "dance-off. She jiggles and grimaces hard with every bounce, as a tidal wave of laughter and popping flashbulbs rises from the sparse crowd. The music booms as she recovers, snapping her buttocks ferociously, and the guys cheer.

The other girls limp down the path with a lot of rumpage but little energy. While West deliberates, Dream and Ms. The men surround the small stage, throwing one-dollar bills. Dream is listless and reserved, barely there in a bad way. As her mammy-jammers jump ship, men stare in awe at the spectacle of breasts large enough to feed Somalia.

The two gather up the singles and regroup. The contestants form a line onstage, and Mo' Payne announces the winners. Marcia, a sometime stripper and nursing assistant, takes third place.

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Shalira, the makeup girl half an hour ago, is the second-place winner. The contest retires to room , where the winner is to get paid, and the other girls can get naked and compete for a chance to be in Black Tail.

Spectators follow and pay extra to watch. But when West arrives, he has a surprise: Shalira and Marcia are excited, but winner Camilla and a friend confront West privately and then cuss a blue streak all the way to the parking lot, assuring him that he'll hear from a lawyer in the morning. West throws up his hands. Bitchin' about the prize, she cost herself a career. If she don't like it, she can sue me.

Champagne Glasses becomes the star of the show. Pissed, the spectators depart as well, and only West, Burton, someone named JD, and a guy who looks like a conked Curious George in a Travolta suit remain. JD checks his hi-top fade in a wall mirror before settling in for the festivities. But there's no cash -- West says he'll make sure she gets it later -- and the Black Tail photographer supposedly didn't make the plane.

Champagne couldn't care less. So Burton grabs an old Polaroid and gets to clicking. She stretches out on a foldaway bed, as Curious George looks on, sweating like a slave. In 10 minutes, it's over. She gets dressed, leaving with a few flicks, but nothing else. Turnout was horrible, the winner didn't get her prize money, and because none of the girls would sign releases, the search was a bust.

As of this writing, no pictures have been sent to Black Tail , and no one seems to know what became of Champagne. She won't be working with West again. Well, at least she got a ride on West's private jet, right? News Features , News. Showing 1- 1 of 1. While other kids his age played, he spent long hours in the library, reading through Holocaust trial transcripts.

On page after page, he read testimony about people who performed horrifying acts for the sake of power, money or simply to get along in a country suddenly steeped in the wicked. His college years, spent at the University of Rochester, yielded another influence: Aided by mindfulness, Schwartz did so well in school he was accepted as an honors scholar in philosophy in Edinburgh, Scotland.

When he embarked on his career in medicine, he knew he wanted, somehow, to combine all these elements: He wanted to demonstrate that the Buddhist practice of mindfulness could help us choose something other than holocausts and heal our fallen humankind. A Space Odyssey. To conduct a PET scan, technicians injected patients with a biologically active tracer particle made partly of positrons positively charged electrons and attached to some other molecule with a role in metabolism, like water or glucose.

By tracking the positrons emitted as the tracer breaks down, the machine can capture images of biological processes. In this case, Schwartz and Baxter aimed to follow blood flow in the brain. While the team worked, Schwartz scoured the literature for insight and found a largely overlooked study by neuroscientist Edmund Rolls.

Rolls used monkeys to investigate the orbitofrontal cortex OFC , an area of the brain associated with decision-making. The brains of the monkeys were imaged as they grew comfortable licking a bar in order to obtain a sweet liquid. Then they were imaged licking the same bar after the liquid was replaced with a salty brine.

Rolls found activity in the OFC spiked when the monkeys were surprised by the new liquid. It was an ingenious study, Schwartz thought. Rolls had revealed the OFC to act as an error detection circuit. It made sense then to look at the OFC in relation to OCD, which fills patients with mortal fear that something is wrong. Around the same time, Schwartz suggested the team investigate the caudate nucleus, a tail-shaped structure near the OFC that serves as the habit center of the brain.

It would be a natural ground zero for the noxious brew of repetition and terror to collide. The research took many months. The data were clear. OCD subjects, as opposed to healthy controls, demonstrated significant hyperactivity in the OFC and caudate — even at rest.

The images turned up in PET scans as bursts of color, rendering these brain regions as small fires, perpetually burning and, clearly, altering the functioning of the brain even when no episode was underway. Now that the neural circuitry of OCD was identified, researchers could test therapies.

Using imaging technologies like PET, they could see if a given treatment tempered the fire in the brain. For Schwartz, this was the chance to invoke his interest in mindfulness. Able to reflect on the bizarreness of her thoughts and her behavior, she continues to wash only because it seems like the only way to ease her fear that she is contaminated.

In this sense, OCD reflects a key aspect of mindfulness meditation — granting the patient a detached perspective from his or her own thoughts. Schwartz speculated that this awareness could enable a mindfulness-based treatment strategy. Perhaps mindfulness could help rewire the OCD circuit in the brain.

Schwartz met one of his earliest patients, Paula Scott, in , when she was deep in the throes of a case of OCD so surreal and severe she regularly contemplated suicide. Her solution: She asked him multiple questions about his day, essentially asking him to walk her through what he ate for breakfast, when he got to work, what he did that morning, and with whom he ate lunch, seeing if he might slip and say something that hinted at drug addiction.

They spoke of rubbing their hands raw to avoid contaminating themselves and, by extension, their loved ones. They talked of being late for work because they spent so much time checking the oven and the door locks. And each week, Schwartz urged his patients to experience their OCD symptoms the way a mindfulness practitioner, in meditation, strives to experience every thought — dispassionately, without succumbing to emotion.

And what he asked of his clients was truly dramatic: He asked them to recognize an OCD-related thought as soon as possible and relabel it as unreal — merely a symptom of their OCD — without giving in to it. The group responded enthusiastically, but things took off after an older woman in the group, Dottie, suddenly exclaimed: This became a rallying cry for the group.

If a patient suffered from a constant obsession with dirty hands and a compulsion to wash them, Schwartz advised the patient to think: This is not an urge to wash my hands. This is a bothersome thought brought about by my OCD. As soon as he hit on this method, his patients came back the next week and reported improvement, claiming they no longer felt the disease controlled them.

Yet they were still symptomatic, and the symptoms interfered with their lives. Paula was one of the patients who experienced this eureka moment and felt liberated. They were no longer even a product of her self. They were just the faulty transmissions of a malfunctioning brain. Schwartz felt the energy in the room rise, and he saw the previously defeated men and women of his OCD group rally and strengthen as surely as if they had just inexplicably gained more muscle tone.

This became the second step: He was teaching his patients to reattribute their OCD symptoms to some gnarled brain wiring, teaching them to see the functioning of their brain as meaningfully separate from their sense of self. Over the following weeks, patients started to report victories regularly.

At first these wins were small. Paula could hold off on questioning her boyfriend about his day for longer periods — first minutes, then an hour or more. She could get by while asking fewer questions. But as time passed, the patients reported something more remarkable: The intrusive thoughts of OCD were diminishing, occurring less frequently, and coming on with less power.

One evening, while out of the office, Schwartz realized his patients needed more to do, something to focus on besides the intrusive thoughts of OCD. He thought back over the practice of mindfulness and found an analogy he liked. In meditation, if he became emotionally invested in a particular train of thought, he sought to refocus himself by drawing his attention back to his breathing.

Using that same concept, he gave his patients license to replace monitoring their breath with whatever behavior they found most compelling. Some patients found it helpful to turn back to the same healthy behavior each time an OCD episode struck: But he needed a final step, something to pull them all together.

He called that step revaluing. It took, and these words struck Schwartz as key, a tremendous force of will. Eventually Schwartz began to feel he was seeing free will in action: But he needed to wait and see if that evidence would turn up in a brain scan.

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Hoe Down by Cara Parks in Issue 22 In the film that eventually emerged, this scene is perhaps the most painful to watch. Then there are the theories. A once-obscure bit of printing history on the shores of Lake Michigan finds rekindled interest. There are candy dishes filled to the brim, bricks of softening butter, and packages of jerky made from unknown animals, sent by unnamed fans.

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Why Do We Forget Things? So Burton grabs an old Polaroid and gets to clicking. I stood up to look around the room better and found her, crouching by the back door like she was wanting out. My heart started beating like a mad motherfucker, and I felt my gorge rising. Soul Hackers Time and Eternity E. Prisoners of the Sky Uta no Prince-sama:

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