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Lately people keep getting the two things mixed up. Tell XXX He grinned at me and, reflexively, I responded with a smile of my own. Ethos Magazine. Jenna Lyons spent 26 years and practically her whole career at J.

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And so I removed them from their box and placed them, one at a time, on my nipples, awed by the complete disappearance of my areolae, and of the two tiny eraser tips at the centers of my breasts. I pulled on a soft, ribbed, racerback tank top, feeling it hug my body gently without the rigid barrier of an underwire bra between it and my skin.

I looked into the full-length mirror hanging on the back of my bedroom door and was amazed. I wasn't always so self-conscious about my breasts. Back in college, when I was a size 34B and valued comfort above all else, I regularly went out on the town without a bra. I didn't think twice about it. They were small back then. My nipples less obtrusive. But in the intervening years, I have gained weight.

I have gained curves. I have seen my breasts grow full and floppy through pregnancy, early motherhood, and five months of nursing. And are my nipples more sensitive now? Maybe that's why they always seem to stand at attention. Or maybe it's just that I am more aware of men's eyes upon them if I forego a supportive undergarment. Maybe, at a 34DD, I have finally internalized all of the societal messages about the vulgarity of my breasts, of the curve of them swinging visibly when I walk, of the embarrassment of nipples straining fabric.

Maybe it is an acute awareness of my size that has contributed to the personal belief that it really is offensive to remind others that my breasts exist. And so I contain them in clinging brassieres that feature thick shoulder straps and curving underwires…underwires that leave an angry, red furrow above my ribs.

I flatten them and erase them, too, with restrictive sports bras that feel like giant rubber bands, and that leave me marinating in under-boob sweat by the end of yoga class. I strap myself into these instruments of torture and then I spend all day resenting them. When summer arrives, it's even worse.

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All of a sudden, I am expected to bare my back and show off my biceps and play with keyhole tops and plunging necklines because that is what has been deemed attractive.

That is what is fashionable. And I have to figure out how to do this without also reminding onlookers that my breasts are anything more than an alluring set of subtle mounds beneath my form-fitting top. This is why I have thrown all of my money at strapless bras and pasties and bra strap clips. So I can find that balance between smutty and frumpy.

But even in embracing these boob-related thingamabobs and doodads as a necessity of life, I can't help feeling bitter about them. Believe it or not, bras were not always considered to be horrendous objects of constriction. In fact, many of the first bras were created in order to set women free from corsets. Back in the day, wearing corsets was The Fashionable Thing to Do, especially among the wealthy.

These undergarments were designed to push the breasts upward, making them look perky, and making one's neckline look as if it were overflowing with cleavage. The tightness of the bodice also flattened out the stomach, accentuating the hips so one could pull off that hourglass figure — considered to be the ideal of beauty — even if one wasn't born with it.

They took an eternity to put on, and women would often have their servants pull the boning tight to their torsos, tying up the laces to ensure it was as close-fitting as possible a practice known as tightlacing. Over time, physicians became concerned by the harmful physical effects wrought upon women who were overzealous in their tightlacing.

Corsets could restrict breathing, cause light-headedness, break ribs, and harm internal organs. Not only that, but corsets were incredibly limiting. As a backlash to this, there was a clothing-reform movement, a push to free women from them so they could participate more fully in society, engaging in athletic activities and working outside the home.

During the first World War, many women had to work in factories and wear uniforms for the first time. And women were also moving into other career sectors, including retail and office work. The bra enabled them to do this. By the late 19th century, the bra began to replace the corset as the primary means of supporting the breasts.

Over the years, there have been many iterations of the bra the bandeau, the balconette, the racerback, etc. As for corsets, they have been mostly relegated in the public imagination to the realm of burlesque performances, fetish play, and all things Kardashian. But back to the bra. What changed? What made the brassiere shift in our minds from an object of liberation to an object of suppression?

The second wave of feminism seems to have been the main impetus behind women's negative attitudes toward undergarments. In the s, some of the trappings of femininity — including bras — became subject to scrutiny by feminist activists. Because of this, they renounced them. And now? We seem to be living in an era in which most women consider the bra to be a necessary evil. There are those, however, who are fighting to free the female nipple, despite Greer's warning that there are other things to fear beyond physical discomfort and the degradations of being bound to patriarchal beauty standards.

Cold Picnic Private Parts: Elsewhere on the site, the org tracks topless laws around the country as they pertain to women and also publishes news of the Go Topless Day events that occur every August check out the BoobMap to see if there's an event near you. Director Lina Esco released her Free the Nipple film in When she faced difficulty in getting a wide release for it, she went ahead and started the movement of the same name.

I, meanwhile, have no interest in baring my bosom to the world though if I do feel such an inclination, all I have to do is change into my pajamas in front of my bedroom window, where my husband and I have yet to install blinds. Instead, I dream of a world in which my breasts can be cradled in the warm embrace of my soft, cotton tank tops, and nothing else.

I dream of a world in which I can wear halter dresses and racer-backs and off-the-shoulder tops and not worry about bra straps or wing bands. I dream of a world in which I don't have to feel self-conscious about the fact that gravity and time have done their work on my body. I dream of a world in which my nipples are not free, but are invisible.

Alas, I feel this is impossible. Because, as Germaine Greer intimated, bralessness only opens you up to the heavy, humiliating weight of the male gaze. And even when women don't go braless, they are still subject to sexualization by others. Several years ago, I was power-walking through New York City, on my way to speak on a panel about career diversification.

I was wearing jeans, boots, blouse, blazer. And a bra. Definitely a bra. As I made my way down Eighth Avenue, I caught the eye of a man approaching from the opposite direction. He grinned at me and, reflexively, I responded with a smile of my own. As the corners of my mouth inched up, as my cheeks stretched into that smile, his lips moved.

I was startled. My smile faltered. Moreover, many men have larger breasts than women", the committee chair said. While an exposed breast in public can have many associated connotations, some women in America today argue the exposed breast is a symbol of liberation.

They speak against the proposed notion that their rightful place was below their male counterparts. Throughout the late 20th Century, more and more women began to link the struggle for female equality and the repossession of the female body.

This can be especially seen in the work of Second Wave Feminists beginning in the early s. The reaction to exposed breast as a symbol of liberation was two-sided. Women who took part in the movement expressed their desire to turn attention away from the excessive eroticization of the female body in American popular culture to more essential societal needs. The bralessness movement evolved into a bare-breasted movement, which became another way for women to "thumb one's nose at society".

In Western countries, toplessness in public often generates media coverage, leading some female political demonstrators to deliberately expose their breasts in public to draw media and public attention to their cause. Toplessness in a public place is most commonly practised or encountered near water, either as part of a swimming activity or sunbathing.

The introduction of the bikini in and increasingly common glamour shots of popular actresses and models on either side of the Atlantic wearing the minimal swimsuit design played a large part in bringing the bikini and sunbathing into the mainstream. In , fashion designer Rudi Gernreich went further and designed and produced a topless swimsuit, which he called the " monokini " in the United States.

Life writer Shana Alexander noted in an article about the introduction of the monokini in July , "One funny thing about toplessness is that it really doesn't have much to do with breasts. Breasts of course are not absurd; topless swimsuits are. Lately people keep getting the two things mixed up. The topless swimsuit failed to catch on in the United States. The New York City Police Department was strictly instructed to arrest any woman wearing a swimsuit by the commissioner of parks.

Women's clubs and the church were particularly active in their condemnation. Consequently, the police chiefs must employ the services of the police so that the women who wear this bathing suit in public places are prosecuted. Tropez on the French Riviera , where toplessness later became the norm, the mayor ordered police to ban toplessness and to watch over the beach via helicopter.

A number of Caribbean locations, especially those that were formerly French and Dutch colonies, permit nude and topless sunbathing, like the French West Indies islands of St. Barths , Guadeloupe , Martinique , and St. Topless sunbathing slowly spread to other Western countries throughout Europe and Australia, many of which now allow topless sunbathing on some or all of their beaches, either through legal statute or by generally accepted practice, and beaches were designated for nude or topless bathers.

A topless, or top-optional, beach differs from a nude beach in that beach goers of both sexes are required to keep their genital area covered, although females have the option to remove their tops without fearing legal prosecution or official harassment. However, media reports in recent years note that the number of women sunbathing topless on French beaches has markedly declined, and that younger French women have become more disapproving of exposing breasts in public.

Sweden is for example a country where tolerance is very low for toplessness after a brief period of popularity in the s and into the 80s. The French have traditionally been relaxed with nudity and toplessness in entertainment, and dancers and actresses performed topless during the s and beyond in musical theater and cinema.

Some female groups have also performed topless, such as the two female groups called The Ladybirds one in San Francisco es and another in Copenhagen es , which performed topless in the late s. Women are also at times employed in adult-only venues to perform or pose topless in forms of commercial erotic entertainment.

Such venues can range from downmarket strip clubs and topless bars to upmarket cabarets , such as the Moulin Rouge. Topless entertainment may also include competitions such as wet T-shirt contests , especially during Spring break in the United States, in which women display their breasts through translucent wet fabric—and may end up removing their T-shirts in front of the audience.

Female toplessness has also become somewhat common during Mardi Gras in New Orleans [68] during which women "flash" briefly expose their breasts in return for strings of plastic beads, [69] and at Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro , where floats occasionally feature topless women. Pasties are sometimes worn by erotic dancers or burlesque entertainers to give the impression of toplessness while avoiding prosecution under local public indecency laws which prohibit exposure of the nipple and areola.

To stay within the law, liquid latex pasties may be used. In many Western cultures today, images of topless women are regularly featured in magazines, calendars, and other print media, often covering their breasts in a " handbra ", that is, the use of the woman's hands or arms to cover their breasts, especially the nipples and areolae.

In the United Kingdom, following a tradition established by the British newspaper The Sun in , several mainstream tabloid newspapers feature topless female models on their third page, known as Page 3 girls. Photographers such as Jock Sturges and Bill Henson have been prosecuted or been embroiled in controversy for producing images of topless teen girls as part of their ongoing work.

In the s, nudity, including toplessness, was featured in some Hollywood silent films as well as on the stage, though not without objections from various groups, and several jurisdictions in the United States and elsewhere set up film censorship boards to censor films. In the s, the Hays Code brought an end in Hollywood films to nudity in all its forms.

To remain within the censors' guidelines or community standards of decency and modesty, breasts of actresses in an otherwise topless scene would be covered, especially the nipples and areolae, with their hands using a " handbra " stance , arms, towel, pasties, some other object, or the angle of the body in relation to the camera.

Film making in other centres were not subject to the Hays Code, but were subject to various national censorship regimes. The Italian film Era lui This version was especially made for the French market, where censorship was less rigorous than in Italy. For example, in Mutiny on the Bounty all Tahitian girls were topless and there was a long native dance scene, though the topless female dancers' breasts were covered by leis.

The historical epic film Hawaii also featured scenes of topless native girls, their breasts being strategically covered by leis. Women now appear topless in mainstream cinema, although usually somewhat briefly. Film critic Roger Ebert argued that there was a double standard in relation to the toplessness of "native" women.

He wrote that the producers of Rapa-Nui , which featured repeated scenes of bare-breasted native women, got away with ongoing toplessness because of the women's brown skin:. Rapa Nui slips through the National Geographic Loophole. This is the Hollywood convention which teaches us that brown breasts are not as sinful as white ones, and so while it may be evil to gaze upon a blond Playboy centerfold and feel lust in our hearts, it is educational to watch Polynesian maidens frolicking topless in the surf.

This isn't sex; it's geography. Besides those actresses who have appeared nude or partially nude in films, it has also become increasingly common for actresses to appear topless in movies. In an interview in March , Halle Berry said that her toplessness in Swordfish was "gratuitous" to the movie, but that she needed to do the scene to get over her fear of nudity, and that it was the best thing she did for her career.

Having overcome her inhibitions, she went on to a role in Monster's Ball , which included a nude scene and which won her an Oscar for Best Actress. Pasties were and may still be worn by some actresses while filming an otherwise apparently topless or nude scene, which is not caught by the camera angle.

On 12 June , the San Francisco Chronicle featured a woman wearing a monokini with her exposed breasts on its first page. Her debut as a topless dancer was featured in Playboy magazine in April Doda was the first modern topless dancer in the United States, [58]: San Francisco Mayor John Shelley said, "topless is at the bottom of porn.

San Francisco public officials tolerated the topless bars until 22 April , when the San Francisco Police Department arrested Doda on indecency charges. Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the police department, calling for release of both Doda and free speech activist Mario Savio , held in the same station.

Journalist Earl Wilson wrote in his syndicated column, "Are we ready for girls in topless gowns? Heck, we may not even notice them. The artifacts in the Ancient Siam open-air museum near Bangkok depict Thai women topless. The Ramakien Mural representing the epic lives of the Thai people found at the Wat Phra Kaew Temple depict women wearing only a skirt in public.

As a result of the Renaissance , in many European societies artists were strongly influenced by classical Greek styles and culture. Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci c. Blonde Woman with Bare Breasts c. Portrait of a Gipsy Maiden by Carol Szathmari. In European pre-historic societies, sculptures of female figures with pronounced or highly exaggerated breasts were common.

A typical example is the so-called Venus of Willendorf , one of many Venus figurines from the Paleolithic era with ample hips and bosom. Artifacts such as bowls, rock carvings and sacred statues with breasts have been recorded from 15, BC up to late antiquity all across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Many female deities representing love and fertility were associated with breasts and breast milk. Figures of the Phoenician goddess Astarte were represented as pillars studded with breasts. Isis , an Egyptian goddess who represented, among many other things, ideal motherhood, was often portrayed as suckling pharaohs , thereby confirming their divine status as rulers.

Even certain male deities representing regeneration and fertility were occasionally depicted with breast-like appendices, such as the river god Hapy who was considered to be responsible for the annual overflowing of the Nile. Female breasts were also prominent in the Minoan civilization in the form of the famous Snake Goddess statuettes.

In Ancient Greece there were several cults worshiping the "Kourotrophos", the suckling mother, represented by goddesses such as Gaia , Hera and Artemis. The worship of deities symbolized by the female breast in Greece became less common during the first millennium. The popular adoration of female goddesses decreased significantly during the rise of the Greek city states, a legacy which was passed on to the later Roman Empire.

During the middle of the first millennium BC, Greek culture experienced a gradual change in the perception of female breasts. Women in art were covered in clothing from the neck down, including female goddesses like Athena , the patron of Athens who represented heroic endeavor. There were exceptions: Aphrodite , the goddess of love, was more frequently portrayed fully nude, though in postures that were intended to portray shyness or modesty, a portrayal that has been compared to modern pin-ups by historian Marilyn Yalom.

The legend was a popular motif in art during Greek and Roman antiquity and served as an antithetical cautionary tale. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Topless disambiguation. Among Himba of northern Namibia left and Hamar right of southern Ethiopia , it is a social norm for women to be bare-breasted.

See also: Breast Tax. Further information: Intimate parts in Islam and Sexual taboo in the Middle East. Main article: Nudity and protest. Woman wearing Rudi Gernreich 's original monokini design. Josephine Baker topless The Ladybirds performing in Bergen, Norway Neo-Burlesque dancer with pasties Nudity in film.

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Everything Bikini. The topless swimsuit failed to catch on in the United States. I don't want to feel my stomach drop with the shame that comes from a man commenting upon my tits. Among the Dayak , only big breasted women or married women with sagging breasts covered their breasts because their breasts interfered with their work.

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My nipples less obtrusive. For encouraging him. As a backlash to this, there was a clothing-reform movement, a push to free women from them so they could participate more fully in society, engaging in athletic activities and working outside the home. The large nude breasts can be found outdoors, in the bedroom, in public, hanging out in the pool, tanning at the beach, and much more. These undergarments were designed to push the breasts upward, making them look perky, and making one's neckline look as if it were overflowing with cleavage.

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