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Traditional Rawhide Bear Paw Wooden Snowshoes

The bear paw is a maneuverable shoe without a tail suited to a wide range of activities on dry or melting snow. Favored by people who work on snowshoes, i.e. winter fence-mending, maple syrup bush, .  Snowshoes without a tail are best when maneuverability and not weight bearing is a preference. This type of shoe is often the first choice of forest workers, hunters, trappers, and many winter campers.

Frame : strength and flexibility make white ash the best type of wood for snowshoes frames.

Leather strips : All of our snowshoes are woven with extra-strength whole leather strips which are ten times stronger than snowshoes webbing made from split leather.  All our Wooden snowshoes come with a 5 year warranty.

Maintenance : Coating wooden snowshoes (wood and webbing) with varnish required once every season or two depending on usage. They will last for generations and can become a family heirloom with proper care.

All our snowshoes come complete with great ALL LEATHER binding/harness.   Shipping and bindings are included in our pricing.  Shipping time is 10 to 12 business days and is delivered via ground courier.  We do not have online ordering as we would like to speak to you about your purchase. Call us today at (705) 753-2387 (9-5 Eastern Standard Time)


Bear Paw Snowshoe

Bear Paw

In forested areas, the snowshoer will have to break trails of unpacked snow. Furthermore, he will be confronted with obstacles such as stumps and dead falls. A large snowshoe will provide a more stable gait; and its design with a short tip will minimize the accumulation of snow on the front while walking.

Model # Inches Centimeters Suggested Weight (lbs) $$USA
33 14 x 30 36 x 76 125-250 $258
32 16 x 30 41 x 76 175-350 $263

All of our pricing includes binding and delivery in U.S. And Canada


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